One of our most commonly requested services is the Insurance Appraisal. Insuring your own jewelry is a responsible step in gem ownership, and provides you with the peace of mind that your jewelry investments are safe. At Austins, we aim to provide our customers with the very best service and information available in diamond and gemstone appraisal. 

Keith Austin, the proprietor of Austin’s Fine Jewelry, is also the company’s Gemologist. He has over 20 years of experience as a GIA certified Gemologist, and over 30 years in the jewelry industry. Keith maintains a stellar reputation as an appraiser with both GIA and the greater Las Cruces community.


Below is a list of some of the appraisal services we provide:

Appraisals For Insurance – $80

Insurance appraisals are handy for insurance claims that may cover cases of theft, home damage, natural disasters, etc. The appraisal calculates the specific measurements of all gems and precious metals, and results in a value based on replacement cost for that piece. Jewelry can often be insured either as a rider on your homeowner’s insurance, or through a reputable specialty company such as Jeweler’s Mutual.

*Additional items brought in at the same time as the first item – $60/item

Appraisals For Estate Settlement – $60

In cases where the worth of jewelry in an estate is in question, an estate appraisal can be helpful. This is much less detailed than an insurance appraisal and are calculated to reflect the current average going price for that item.

*Additional items brought in at the same time as the first item – $50.00/item

Updates On Appraisals – $40
We recommend that all Insurance Appraisals be updated regularly (2 – 3 years) to adjust for inflation, price of gold, and other factors that affect an item’s value.

*Price includes up to 5 items which were originally on the same appraisal.

Stone Identification – $40/stone
One of the most integral skills of a gemologist is the ability to identify specific gems. Diamonds can be easily tested, but most other gems require more work, and often require the assistance of specialty equipment.

*No dollar value for stone given with this service