Austin’s Ring Museum

Austin’s Fine Jewelry is proud to present our gift to the Las Cruces community: the Austin’s Ring Museum. The museum, opened in May 2013, contains more than two decades worth of Keith Austin’s personal collection. The Austin’s Ring Museum contains pieces from across the world, and some pieces that date far back into antiquity. Rather than keep these pieces in a private location, Mr. Austin has seen it best to share these beautiful findings with the public.

With a current collection of between 8,000-10,000 pieces, the Ring Museum usually has only about 40% of the collection displayed at any given time. Displays change about every six weeks, so be sure to visit frequently.

Some Current Featured Exhibits

Southwest Native American Rings (Navajo-Zuni-Hopi): 1860-Present

One of the most important and integral parts of American History is Native American History. Southwest Native American artwork is a reflection of not just 19th century Native American culture, but the relationship of that culture with Mexican and American settlers of the time. Much of the silver work shows Mexican influence in both style and technique. What is more interesting how that work evolved: the artistry and innovations that brought about modern Southwest jewelry is simply astounding.  
1860-1920 rings 003
Classic Cowboy Rings
IMG_5445 There was once a time when a young boy’s favorite time was his cowboy hero’s radio or television program. Stars like Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, and Tom Mix became icons for their portrayal of rough riding cowboys of the silver screen. Characters like the Lone Ranger took cowboy mythos to a whole new level. An enormous amount of novelty rings were created during this era: gun rings, decoder rings, picture rings, spyglass rings, etc. We’ve compiled a healthy collection of these beautiful pieces of popular culture. 
Rings of the Military: Civil War – Desert Storm
    Throughout the western world, we have a long and proud tradition of  commemorating military service. Many soldiers and their families have chosen to do this through rings. A ring might show something as general as a soldier’s branch of service, or as specific as a particular battle. There are even examples of soldier created “trench art”: rings made during the weeks or even months spent in trenches during war, and often from base materials like wood or bone.
NEW!: Superhero Rings
 From the Phantom to the Green Lantern to the Planeteers, rings have always been an important part of hero and superhero mythos. Often, a superhero acquires their power from a ring. In many heroes like Batman or James Bond use special gadget rings. Throughout the 20th century, novelty rings for these superheroes have proved some of the most popular toys for young children. IMG_5439



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